Showing travellers personalised search results that reflect their individual, loyalty programme status, and negotiated corporate rates.


Making it easy for travellers to change trip dates, add or remove segments, and cancel a trip without assistance.


Providing seamless real-time customer service to travellers via phone, email, and live chat.


Ticketpro Travel Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive travel management solutions for businesses.

With a focus on efficiency, cost savings, and exceptional service, we offer a wide range of services, including travel booking, expense management, reporting, and analytics. Our expertise and industry partnerships make us a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimise their travel programmes.

Get your business onboard the travel revolution

Revolutionised Global
Travel Platform

The platform seamlessly connects businesses to an extensive array of travel content and suppliers through one innovative cloud-based platform. This transformative approach opens up multiple channels of distribution and ushers in the future of travel by offering our clients an unparalleled travel experience.

Expansive Data System

Ticketpro Travel Solutions utilises a comprehensive cloud-based data system to effectively and securely oversee mid-office routines. This ensures immediate access to trustworthy, reliable, unblemished real-time data, eliminating the necessity for data cleansing.

Global Travel Simplified

Our unified global travel platform caters to travellers worldwide. Embracing the future of travel, the streamlined platform empowers both travellers and agents by allowing easy access to options for bookings, modifications, and cancellations from anywhere, in real-time. We’re revolutionising travel convenience by consolidating the world’s offerings into one convenient and easily accessible hub.

World-class User Experience

A simplified travel experience is at the core of our approach. This is why our platform has been designed to remove complexities and make all facets of booking travel for business effortless. Through a user-friendly interface, travellers, travel managers, and agents can easily navigate, search, and select options that are best suited to their needs. This intuitive system eliminates unnecessary steps, reduces the time spent on the booking process, and ensures a seamless journey from start to finish. With the convenience of real-time updates along with a wide range of content choices, we’re committed to delivering a booking experience that is as straightforward as it is satisfying.

Unbiased Worldwide Inventory

Ticketpro Travel Solutions offers an impartial global inventory, devoid of supplier bias. We collaborate with all travel suppliers to secure the finest options for travellers, fostering inclusivity among industry players. Our platform presents a comprehensive view, showcasing available inventory from global distribution systems, New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) Connections, direct connections, low-cost carriers, OTAs, and more. This eliminates the need for travellers to waste time scouring various sources, and delivers a holistic solution at a glance.

Seamless Integration, Unlimited Potential

Our platform not only elevates the travel experience but also provides businesses and corporations the autonomy to select their preferred best-in-class vendors. Through seamless integration with HR systems, expense management tools, and other travel essentials, we ensure that your travel ecosystem functions cohesively and efficiently.

Travel. Simplified.

For Your businesses revolution

Effortlessly manage your business travel and experience
a new level of savings, simplicity and service.

Travellers can

Gain access to the world’s most advanced technology for booking business travel.

View the widest range of unbiased travel options and benefit from our direct integrations with the world’s largest airlines and travel suppliers.

While you experience unprecedented visibility and control on a global scale with intuitive tools for

Traveller tracking

Sustainable travel

Policy compliance

So much more

Ticketpro Travel Solutions is your gateway to seamless business travel experiences and a new generation of global travel experiences.

Modern architecture that is built on microservices that run entirely in the cloud give your business travellers:

A true global platform

Simplified business travel with global content, global policy management and real-time global analytics.

Travel’s first open ecosystem

Connect quickly and easily to leading tools for HR, expenses, meetings, and more.

Trust and transparency

Our content is comprehensive and we refuse to accept incentives that could bias search results.


Ticketpro Travel Solutions’ innovative technology empowers travellers by giving users personalised recommendations, real-time updates, and proactive support throughout their journey.

Travellers can access real-time information on flights, accommodation, transportation, and more, all within a user-friendly interface. The platform’s intelligent features incorporate traveller preferences, ensuring a personalised and seamless experience.

Global content and NDC

Give your travellers access to comprehensive global travel inventory at competitive prices, including industry-leading support for NDC content.

Policy management

Increase compliance and savings with easy-to-manage business travel policies designed to support businesses of any size.

Online booking

Booking a business trip is quick and convenient through our online booking tool or mobile app.

Travel services

We operate as your travel management company providing 24/7 service via experienced travel agents at no additional cost.

Traveller safety

Real-time traveller tracking means you can view all your active travellers and the steps of their itineraries on our Live Map, along with future trips and prior journeys. Message any traveller by phone or text when urgent communication is required.


Reduce your carbon footprint and enable travellers to make greener choices that support your business sustainability targets.

Real-time travel

Global data with zero wait time that is always up-to-date and instantly accessible.


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